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"Swiss glaciers, once eternal, now whisper their final, vanishing song.

Reflecting on a compelling story I discovered recently - Great journalism by Paris-based NY Times writer Catherine Porter, complemented by visuals from my longtime hero George Steinmetz.

🔵Our glaciers are experiencing unprecedented melting rates ! Over 10% of their mass has been lost in the last two years alone. The rapid disappearance, including the complete loss of smaller ones, symbolizes climate change.

The melting of Swiss glaciers is not just a local issue but has broader implications for Europe's climate and ecosystems and tourism. Glaciers play a crucial role in feeding major European rivers like the Rhine and the Rhone.

Their disappearance is seen as a direct symbol of global warming, with significant implications for natural hazards and hydroelectric power plants. But there is more to this insightful story! If hidden behind a paywall, please subscribe to The New York Times - you can thank me later ..! 🙏🏼


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